Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Kindle Oasis Release Date and Information - Amazon Site

Panzer was reading his email today. And ... There it was ... Amazon's press release about the new Kindle Oasis. So, our brave kitty traveler took a trip directly to the Amazon site.

All the information Amazon has been releasing over the past week is true according to the release: smaller size, weighs less and a battery case. It will be available the end of April.
I'm done posting about it. Nap time.

And ... guess what? There's a huge back order, so ... you may have to w-a-i-t a while to get yours shipped.

Panzer says, "I told all my little kitty friends what Amazon was doing with their marketing ... Did you listen to me?"

Note: The Amazon sales description is small. You'll only need a half a cup of tea for your reading today.

To see the new Kindle Oasis and read all the details, tootle over to Kindle Oasis

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