Friday, March 31, 2017

Yahoo Japan Outsources its eBookstore - The Digital Reader

Today, Panzer made a quick trip to The Digital Reader site. There our speedy kitty found a post about Yahoo.

An ebookstore? I didn't know about that.
According to the post by site owner Nate Hoffelder, Yahoo Japan is outsourcing the management and marketing of its ebook store to Ebook Initiative Japan. In the post Mr. Hoffelder states the outsourcing makes sense based on Yahoo's pending sale to Verizon. The post includes a link to Yahoo Japan's press release; however,  it's in Japanese.

Panzer says, "This little kitty is wondering what will happen to Yahoo after the sale to Verizon goes through."

Note: This is a short post. Bring half a cup of tea for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to Yahoo Japan Outsources its eBookstore

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