Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Bricks and Mortar bookstores -Amazon Books

Panzer was taking a leisurely trip around the Catosphere today, when he happened upon the Amazon Books site. It didn't take any digging at all to discover information about Amazon's bricks and mortar bookstores there.

Five more store?
About one third of the way down the page is the Stores by State heading. Listed are the eight Amazon bricks and mortar bookstores currently open across the U.S. Listed below that are the locations of the five Coming Soon store locations. Included under each of the stores listed is a link to apply for employment. Listed under the employment link is a link to signup for updates on the store.

Panzer says, "Hmm ... Amazon is really taking their bricks and mortar bookstores seriously."

Note: This is a shortish post. Bring a cup of tea and a muffin for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to Amazon bookstores

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