Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 Places To Get Free Ebooks

Usually on Tuesday I do a book review about what I'm reading now. Instead, this Tuesday I decided to give you a little gift.

Earlier this month I posted here about 5 Places To Get Free Ebooks . I've found two more places to pick up free ebooks.

1. Lynn Viehl's Paperback Writer Freebies . Lynn Viehl has made several of her short stories, novellas and novels available as free PDF downloads. No registration required.

2. Free Kindle Promotional Titles . This is Amazon's own free download site. (You do need to pay attention to the list price. Some of the ebooks go off free download promotion and it takes a while before they are removed from this site. So read before you hit the Download button. You have been warned!)

If you know of any other free download site(s), please post them in the comment section below for others to enjoy!

You know the usual disclaimer: When going to unfamiliar sites, keep the virus scanner on and the firewall up.

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