Wednesday, March 16, 2016

J.K. Rowling under fire for writing about "Native American wizards" - The Guardian

I'm staying out of it.
Panzer didn't make it very far in his trip into the Catosphere today. Our traveling kitty had barely started when he heard shouting and snarling. He followed all the noise to The Guardian site.

According to a post by Alison Flood, it turns out all the hubbub was caused by one of J.K. Rowling's posts at Pottermore. Panzer told you last week about Ms. Rowling's posts about wizardry in America. Some members of the Navajo Native American culture found her post about their legend of the skinwalkers disrespectful. Apparently, there has been quite a few Tweets on Twitter about it. The post also includes a link to the post about skinwalkers.

Panzer says, "One of the first things this little kitty learned was don't use real people, places or things in a story. It's just safer that way."

Note: This is a longish, involved post. You'll need a cup of tea and a muffin.

To read The Guardian post, tootle over to J.K. Rowling

To read Panzer's original post, tootle over to new story

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