Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Behind-the-Scenes Video Examines a Game of Thrones Battle Between Bastxxds - GalleyCAT

Panzer made a short trip into the Catosphere today. Our kitty boy found a post at GalleyCAT about one of his favorite TV shows, Game of Thrones.

Maryann Yin's post has an embedded video of the "Battle Between Bastxxds" (Panzer doesn't do bad words here) episode from Game of Thrones. Also included at the end of the post are two links to other Game of Thrones videos.
I've got a lot of work to do this week.

Panzer says, "Whew! Mom is feeling a little better now. I'll be catching up on my Catosphere news this week."

Note: This is a very short post, but with the video it becomes a medium post. You'll need a glass of iced tea and a muffin to read and watch today's selection. But if you follow the two links at the end of the post, you'll need to add another glass of iced tea and muffin.

To read the post, tootle over to Game of Thrones

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