Friday, September 23, 2016

J.K. Rowling Reveals Her Patronus on Twitter - GalleyCat

Panzer was tootling around in the Catosphere when he heard ooohing and aaahing outside the Panzermobile. Following all the noise took our intrepid traveling kitty to the GalleyCAT site. There he found news about Pottermore.

Mom's Protector and Guardian.
According to a post by Maryann Yin, J.K. Rowling announced her Patronus on Twitter. Using the quiz at Pottermore, she discovered her Patronus is the heron. Found in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban the Patronus is a guardian that protects against the Dementors. In a separate GalleyCAT post announcing the Patronus quiz going live, there is a link to Pottermore. At Pottermore you either have to already be a member or signup there to take the quiz and get your Patronus.

Panzer says, "Mom doesn't need a Patronus. She has me to protect her."

Note: These are both short posts, but together they make a medium read. Bring a cup of tea and a muffin for both of today's reading selections.

To read the post about J.K. Rowlings's Twitter announcement, tootle over to J.K. Rowling Patronus

To read the post about the Patronus and the link to Pottermore, tootle over to Pottermore

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