Thursday, January 12, 2017

Amazon to Create More Than 100,000 New, Full-Time, Full-Benefit Jobs across the U.S. over the Next 18 months - Press Release at Business Wire

Panzer was shaken out of his noon nap today by all the hullabaloo coming from the Catosphere. Hopping into the Panzermobile he followed all the clapping and cheering to the Business Wire site. There our inquisitive kitty discovered a post about Amazon.

Hmm ... They are spread over 7 states.
According to the Business Wire post, Amazon announced plans to add 100,000 new jobs in the U.S. by mid-2018. These jobs will cover everything from entry-level positions in new fulfillment centers already under construction to specialized positions such as engineers. The jobs will be available in Washington (state), Texas, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, and New Jersey. All jobs are full-time.

Panzer says, "One-hundred thousand is a lot of jobs"

Note: This is a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g post. Bring a cup of cocoa and three muffins for today's reading selection.

To read the post, tootle over to Amazon hiring

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