Monday, May 2, 2016

A New Panzerism

Panzer on Spring love:

It's Spring time. When a  boy kitty's thoughts turn to girl kitties.

There I was last night, sitting on the back fence ...

Singing that I was looking for love.

Then I saw her ... an answer to my kitty serenade.

The most beautiful girl kitty ...

Long shiny gorgeous calico fur ...unbelievably cute ears.

I asked her for a date.

She looked at me with those golden eyes ... then shook her head.

I asked for her phone number so I could call her.

She gave it to me with no hesitation.

But ...
She'll be back. Girls can't resist me.

When I called it today, some guy answered and said, "Animal Control Service, Cat Neutering Division."

Darn claws. I must have dialed wrong.

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